Thursday, May 18, 2006

Get Happy! Get Sad. Get Analyzed.

Happy: Carnival of Satire! also anti-creationist humor.

Happy and Sad: Animals, past and present.

Warily Happy: Web-Braille returns with caveats.

Hmmmm: Principles of Jurisprudence as explicated by Torah and Talmud. How much have we improved on these in the last few millenia?

Challenge: Anne Zook, after reading the headlines, calls for nominations for the most Orwellian possible name for the newly authorized wall. "Migrant Protection Infrastructure"? "Reinforced Boundary Location Aid"....

Analysis: LiveJournal Ethnolinguistics

Danger: The hacker war we should be paying attention to. I'm going to say it: this is the 9/11 of the internet, the clarion call to take arms against lawless barbarians intent on destroying civilization. You think I'm kidding? Think it through....

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