Friday, May 26, 2006

Haiku Festival: Get Yours In Soon!

John Patrick's Haiku/Senryu competition ends Memorial Day! He's got a lot of political offerings already, which is fun, but I decided to widen the field a bit:
Teacher's Seasons
Memorial Day
Spring Semester is finished
Summer Term draws near

Politics Imperfect
Politics always
trumps scientific data.
Imperial decline.

"No, Spot! No, no, no!"
Child wants to learn to read
Dick and Jane reader.

I have three cameras:
I want one with the virtues
of all three... and cheap.
To be fair, though, I have to point out my favorite non-Ahistoricality haiku posted so far, by spiritrover
"Skip and go naked,"
says a Portland sunny day;
"Stop that," says my wife.
Bonus Link: Disabilism: What's it about, another of the BADD submissions, featured in Friday Femme Fatales Fifty-Eight (love the alliteration).

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