Tuesday, May 16, 2006


FIRST, READ CHRIS BRAY, the gutsy son-of-a-gun. And dcat's got a few choice words, too.

Now then: on with the thanks!

I'm always pleased (and surprised) when I get something into the history carnival, but since the host was taking a decidedly ahistorical approach, I had a better shot than most. Of the posts I hadn't already read, the most immediately interesting were this application of Roman despotic history to our own situation (see also), and a beautifully photographed visit to a new Egyptian museum.

And, on the issue of Web Access for Braille materials from the Library of Congress, thanks to Mr. Jones (who contributes a fascinating story of the humorlessness, blunt thinking and raw power of institutions as seemingly benign as the Library of Congress) and Avedon Carol. There's more at Disability Studies, and a surprisingly conciliatory statement from the National Federation for the Blind, who don't seem to think there's anything unusual about taking a vital web service down for weeks while doing some sort of "upgrades" or "maintenance".....

Dumb luck, but I got the first slot in Carnival of the Vanities this week. I did not, however, make the cut for Carnival of Feminists, and I didn't even submit to Grand Rounds (that'll be the day!). There's good stuff in all of them; I just don't have time to do the linkage now.

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