Thursday, May 25, 2006


Best thing in this week's Carnival of Satire is Jews Don't Want to Run the World Anymore by Miriam.

The Skeptic's Circle this week is a tour de force of satire all its own, being written in the voice of a noted creationist who created a cybersquatting blogspot site trying to spoof the actual host.... There's the invention of a new form of palmistry, new razors (for those of you who shave), goofy investment advice, bullet points on Intelligent Design, and lots more.

Ralph Luker has some wonderful -- not at all satirical -- thoughts on hypocrisy in action. And Brian Ulrich has been doing some wonderful blogging lately, providing useful background on Jewish-Muslim relations through history and the Hamas Charter, which is built around conspiracy theories which make the Da Vinci Code look like fact-based history....

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miriam sawyer said...

Thanks for the generous words. I enjoyed all your selections.