Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm not going anywhere. Ever.

Apparently, the universe is agnostic about me, too. [via]
After you die...
Parallel Universe

After death, you will continue to exist as if nothing has ever happened. You will continue to be yourself, but because you are in a parallel universe, some things will be different. You may not have married the same person, you might live in a different spot, but you will be the same person underneath it all and you will continue your life unaware that you ever died.
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I decided to go back and see if I really liked my answers. It turns out that what I really don't like are the questions. With the either/or/none of the above answers altered, I squeek into a nice afterlife. Barely.
After you die...

After death, you will exist in heaven. Everything and everyone you love will constantly surround you for all of eternity. You lucky scoundrel.
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"Lucky scoundrel" is right. I better watch my step up there....

And, in other "we'll never know, will we?" (because I'm so not a pet-owner type) quizzes,
Your Ideal Pet is a Big Dog
You're both energetic, affectionate, and a bit goofy. And neither of you seem to mind very slobbery kisses!

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