Saturday, May 13, 2006

Meta-blogging: technical v. social

Burningbird has a poetic and vigorous refutation of the idea of a weblogging orthodoxy or orthopraxy, not to mention a rejection of "technical standards" which complicate life instead of simplifying them. It's a great read.

On the other hand, I think Burningbird goes too far in attacking ranking sites and blogrolls as some kind of barrier to new voices. I agree, to some extent, that it's active recommendations and linkage which draw people in most of the time, but the static blogrolls still serve a social and technical purpose and, for me at least, still serve as my own personal archive of places I want to remember to check out now and then. Not everything on my sidebar is a blog, and not all of my blogroll listings correspond exactly to my rss reading. They are different, and though it's complicated and slow to change and more ego-involved than most of us like to admit, I'm fine with it.

It strikes me, actually, that the two posts are slightly self-contradictory. Which is fine, really. Also, she's getting out of the weblog business, for now at least. [all via]

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Sour Duck said...

Cheers for the metion.

I thought you were a subscriber, because I noticed when I linkblogged something, you'd appear in the comments section of that post...