Monday, May 22, 2006

Oh great, more spam.... Quiz Comments and Consolidator Splogs

A new spammer technique has arrived: Apparently they use some kind of technorati search for certain bloglines quizzes -- of which I am perhaps inordinately fond -- and post "relevant" comments. This allows them to put a link to their site in your comments which, if you were in a hurry or desperate for attention, you might leave in place.

So far it's only bloglines quizzes: if it turns out to be an effective technique, I'm sure they'll expand to other quiz sources...

Oh, I almost forgot another spamming technique, this one intended to draw search engines to splogs (yes, that's a word, and, yes, I just used it, and used it properly): copying posts containing a relevant term (the one that first got my attention was "libertarian" [there's no commercial purpose there, but it was kind of odd]; the splog term was "gold wedding ring") from other blogs -- without permission, I might add -- in a sort of "consolidator blog" which features links to commercial sites. This is an interesting variant on the old "search engine trap": embedded text in a web page intended to be read only by the search engines and manipulate their algorithms into returning that page as highly relevant for as many search terms as possible. In this case, they're just accumulating as much text as possible around a single term, so that they rank very high when that term is searched.

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