Monday, January 30, 2006

ADA under attack

Orac notes a brazen attempt to bypass and delay action on accessibility by California restaraunteurs. I would love to know what their astroturf signature collection petitions look like (Probably "protect local businesses against radical and litigious cripples" or something like that... ok, probably not "cripples"... "Democrats" [like Bob Dole, author of the ADA]), but I don't know that there's much chance, short of embarrassing them into withdrawing it (and if they had any shame...), of keeping it off the ballot. So, we have to rely on the wisdom and insight and critical reading skills of California voters again, as recorded by insecure electronic voting machines.

Shit. We're toast. Oh, well.

If you want to sign a petition that pushes towards more access, consider the petition to Google regarding word verification and visual impairment access. And if you want to know where the California folks got the idea that the ADA was open to gaming the system, there's this guy.

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Penny L. Richards said...

For fifteen years since the passage of the ADA, many businesses ignored its accessibility requirements with the line, "We'll wait till someone sues us." Now they're crying about that approach, too. (Did I mention it's been FIFTEEN YEARS?)

I'm here in California; if I catch sight of one of those petitions, I'll copy down the wording for you (and then refuse to sign it, of course). Strikes me the hired petition pushers aren't likely to approach me and my kid-in-a-wheelchair for signatures on this one, but you never know.