Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Union?

I'm a political junkie, let's face it. But I won't be able to watch the State of the Union live, so I'll probably just read it online and avoid actually watching.

Want to keep score? Juan Cole's got a list of ten things that WON'T be in the speech, and The Cunning Realist's taking bets on the frequency of terror references (I put down 10, because I think he's going to shift gears, rhetorically; Chris Bray said 38, which is twice what the Cunning Realist has as the over/under). Someone, somewhere has probably got a bingo sheet, too, but I haven't seen it yet. Update: 20.

What to know what the real state of the union is? Try dangerous to life, deeply divided, and unlikely to improve anytime soon.

Post-speech: I read it and was not impressed. It's got an awful lot of "we still haven't fixed...." stuff in it, which comes off, on the page anyway, a bit whiny. Some fact checking at Think Progress (don't miss page 2 and page 3), though there's an awful lot of stuff they didn't get on the first pass.

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