Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What if someone actually didn't stop talking?

What if, instead of waiting for the inevitable party-line (plus we-should-kick-out-of-the-party Democrats who cross over) vote, someone actually stopped talking about a filibuster and just had one [via]?

I haven't seen any really good defenses of Alito, aside from talking point echoes, most of which consist of "trust us" (!) and "he's too smart not to be on the court" (if smart were the qualification, there'd be a different court, what?) and "It's the President's right." And there you have it: the monarchical presidency, which is nominating a Supreme Court Justice, who's supposed to be a "check" on the other branches, who has made a career out of advancing the monarchical presidency.

I think it's time to call my Senators and see if they have any life left in them. If not, as Neiwert says, they can....

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