Friday, January 06, 2006


If you're going to be hosting a carnival (like me), you might want to wander through Sour Duck’s Carnival Host Notes. Some of what she says about hosting the Feminist Carnival doesn't apply to smaller affairs, but it's all worth thinking about in advance... There's a new edition of the carnival, too. Looks like lots of good stuff again.

The lastest Skeptics' Circle is in the form of an Icelandic Saga (yeah, the boring "they all sat around the table and told tales" bits, but the writing's good and the links are worth it).

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Sour Duck said...

Thanks for the mention. It was written with a feminist audience in mind, but I think alot of it is transferrable to carnivals in general.

Thanks for the pointer to Skeptics' Circle - I never heard of it so will poke around.