Friday, January 27, 2006

Disturbing Characters

I'm not kidding, there are some really disturbed people out there with a lot more power and influence than they should have. From the literary world, there's this imposter and freak (I don't call people that. Ever. This guy is beyond the pale.) [via]. From the world of politics and -- in the loosest sense of the word -- religion, Jack Abramoff and his favorite rabbi, both of whom have strong ties to apartheid South Africa, vicious dictators, and neo-Klan figures in the US, just for starters. [via]

Seriously, if you're not in a really secure mood, read something else. Maybe not this which reminds us that US forces are losing an average of fifteen lives a week, over two a day, at the moment, with no evidence that positive change is coming in the foreseeable future.

Update: Maybe not this, either in which a natural vitamin company sent out an offensive flyer because someone in Congress suggested they properly label their products [via]. And maybe not this, in which US troops in Iraq harass a journalist and confiscate his work [via].

Man, I'm disturbed.

Really, this is the last update: Ann Coulter should get a visit from the Secret Service, and attacking the livelihood of civilians is an atrocity.

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