Monday, January 16, 2006

Welcome LiveJournal Readers!

How curious. When I wasn't looking, someone created a LiveJournal feed of this blog. Is this something that LiveJournal does routinely, or did someone (perhaps someone who didn't know that I already have a LiveJournal account?) set this up for me? And if someone did set it up, would they be so kind as to either disable comments or make sure that they are forwarded to my e-mail address?



Anonymous said...

Hi John, this is Steve K. I set up the feed to be able to read your blog on my LJ (people do this routinely for all sorts of blogs and websites now to encourage us to read and follow one another). I'll see if I can disable comments - I am pretty certain you cannot forward e-mail from a feed - all it does is pull the content off your blog - no place to redirect posts. However, since I am one of the few reading my feed, I daresay any comments will not be plentiful. Cheers.
PS. I tracked down the LJ FAQ on feeds:

Ahistoricality said...

Ah, thanks.

Interesting how the feed accounts are unmodifiable once established.