Thursday, January 26, 2006

Message to my Senators

This is the message I just sent to my Democratic Senators. Feel free to use all or part of it yourself.
Dear Sen. [Your Senator's Name Here],

Samuel Alito is not suitable for the Supreme Court of the United States. His deference to executive branch power, his positions on individual rights, his decisions and statements on issues of disability and corporate responsibility are all evidence of a judicial "temperment" which would render the Supreme Court a retrograde institution. Not only do I believe that you should vote against his confirmation, I feel that the nomination should be blocked entirely, by filibuster if necessary. I do not want to see a vote count leading to abandoning efforts to filibuster: I want to see an actual filibuster, one that would force a cloture vote and require both Democrats and Republicans to declare themselves on this issue.

If I do not see real resistance to this nomination, I will have to seriously reconsider my loyalty to the Democratic Party's current Congressional representation, including [Your State's Name Here]'s own Senators. I am a lifelong Democrat, who has been fortunate to live in states nearly all my life where I was represented by Democrats I could be proud of. I fear that era is coming to an end, however, unless Democrats in Congress assert their prerogatives.
Well, we'll see if we can get some action out of these people.

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