Monday, January 02, 2006

Collected Atrocities

After having their illegal activities revealed, the Bush administration, typically, goes after the whistleblowers and threatens the publishers. Administration supporters volte face spryly because it's "their guy" or "a crisis" or whatever they think will fly. Because they, at least, are not quitters, they will continue throwing human resources at a problem until they figure out what the problem is.

Because we can't get an exemption, the US has stopped promoting the landmine ban treaty. Because they might have real weapons, we won't do anything about the North Korean kakistocracy.

For a very different sort of atrocity, this will set your teeth on edge (via Tigerlily). This, on the other hand is just disgusting (via Chris Bray). And the utter vacuity of Western Civilization stands revealed here.

And, Anne Zook's been accumulating atrocities as well. No overlap, as near as I can tell, with my list. Damn.


Anonymous said...

I noticed you linked my blog. I understand if it's not your thing, and frankly, it's not everyone's thing, but I can assure you that just because you're not interested doesn't mean it's "vacuous" or "atrocious." I suppose you're entitled to your opinion, but a bit of civility and perhaps the decision not to make snap judgments based on one post might be to your advantage.

Ahistoricality said...

It's not a snap judgement, nor is it uncivil. It's a harsh comment, but it's related not to your blog but to the carnival to which I linked. That you hosted it reflects on you, I suppose.

I have an interest in Harry Potter, and I've even read all the books, but the idea of an ongoing community of fans devoting time and energy to commentary and discussion of a series that is grossly overrated and overblown bothers me.

You're entitled to do and enjoy what you like, but if you do it in public, then its... public.

Anonymous said...

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Since we are posting them publicly, I will join the fray. It does not bother me that a group of people have chosen Harry Potter as a topic of common interest. In fact, if the world could find more such things of common interest we would have a lot less reasons to commit other atrocities. Long live the vacuous atrocity!

Anonymous said...

Ah, you've read some books, written some papers, and perhaps completed a degree of some sort. You seem oh so proud of yourself. You must be quite an enthralling individual, at least in your own mind. However, I must tell you that pedantic snobbery is nothing to be proud of. Trust me, no one else is as impressed with your intelligence as you are.

Anonymous said...

Most fortunately for you, blogs (liberally hailed as the newest fad in "vacuous" entertainment) allow bored, disgruntled people like yourselves to bemoan events that don't affect them in the least. I seriously doubt that anyone invited you to participate in this "Carnival," so why do you feel the need to ridicule it? People are getting together to enjoy a particular entertainment; are you going to start in on Lord of the Rings or Star Wars or even baseball next? These have been around for decades, with no new developments, and yet people still enjoy them. You have your own favored activities-- of which demeaning others while feeling smugly superior is undoubtedly one-- so why not let people enjoy their Harry Potter? It's not causing any problems, it's not bringing about moral decay; in fact, more children are picking up books and reading thanks to series like Harry Potter. And if they're so well written that adults can enjoy them too, well that just means more opportunity for those of us who don't consider themselves above such things as BOOKS.

Ahistoricality said...

You haven't read anything but this post (I can tell: it's why I have a statistics monitor); neither has anyone else from the Happy Rotter swoon society who's commented here, except perhaps for Ms. Huff, who looked at one other post which linked to her site. Ungrateful, too.

You won't post even a screen name, and you are projecting your insecurities all over me. It's not me you're reacting to, clearly. Ms. Huff is right: You do know there's more than a grain of truth in my comment and you're afraid.

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