Friday, February 10, 2006

Whitewashing: LeGuin's Earthsea and Marital Freedom

An excellent article by Pam Noles [via] on the whitewashing of EarthSea by the producers of the TV movie version (and a followup). I'd read LeGuin's repudiation of the production, but Noles is right: the "revision" in the transition to the screen deserves more serious consideration.

And, if you support the right of everyone to marry, oppose state intervention in truly private affairs, and believe in equality under the law, I've got a petition for you to sign.


Anonymous said...

Not having read the books (Yes, I'm ashamed. I mean to, one day.) I knew absolutely nothing about them. I found this entire discussion fascinating, so thanks for the link!


Ahistoricality said...

They are very short books, actually: the whole Earthsea tetralogy is shorter than any of the last four Harry Potter doorstops.

Let me know when you get around to reading them; I've been meaning to reread them, too...