Monday, March 20, 2006

Limericks! Just for the fun of it

John Patrick declared a San Patricio Limerick eFestival! and the winner from the 80 comment entries (and who knows how many e-mails) will be announced here shortly. My entry (I was in a hurry, the winner's going to be announced soon) was
There once was a blogger named John
Who didn't much care if the song
had more than one verse
or meaningful words
but it had to be just five lines long.
I'm hoping to catch word of his haiku contest with a bit more lead time....


jp 吉平 said...

Yay! Thanks for the link! I've given out my eShamrocks. Thanks so much for participating!

Come by any time, but especially during Haiku season!

Ahistoricality said...

I'm going to make a note now to check back in June or so....

I did like the winners (especially the gastrointestinal one!), and it was a good crop.