Monday, April 17, 2006

Atheism, Buddhism, History....

Now that Easter has passed, it's time for the atheists to speak. The Atheist carnival is a good place to start.

The metaphor of the egg is powerful, as long as you don't think about it too hard. It's just a metaphor. Though it does bring another metaphor to mind -- what if, instead of eggs, it was holstered pistols? Would it be a better metaphor then? Of course, it wouldn't be seasonal.... PZ Myers took Easter as the jumping off point for an anti-Christian argument which probably won't convince anyone but has the virtue of clarity.

This Is Pure Blogging Art. And it's approaching a thousand comments.

I once compared the administration to Maximilien Robespierre. I withdraw the comparison, and apologize to Robespierre. Neither Bush, nor Rove, nor Cheney, nor Rumsfeld, nor Wolfowitz, nor Rice, nor Gonzales, nor Alito, nor Scalia, nor anyone else in this administration would have the courage, consistency, ethics or empathy of the Incorruptible. [via]

Also, Blogmandu, which includes notice of a Dalai Lama webcast (coming today, I think) and a sidebar button design tool. Just for fun, I created this efficient mantra: Think First

Finally, for political content, Avedon Carol's got everything you need on lefty blogging, Iraq, etc.

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