Thursday, April 27, 2006

Quick Thought: Snow in April and Fox in the White House

There's a lot of talk about new Press Secretary Tony Snow's mildly critical (tactical, not strategic) comments on the presidency before his new job. I think the main thing to take from this, instead is that we finally have the QED we need to entirely ignore FOX, even to go on the offensive with challenges to FCC licenses and FEC political airtime issues.

(On the other hand, criticizing the administration's record on oil economics while driving an SUV short distances... just dumb. It's true that the foreign policy and energy policy of the administration have contributed to the oil market constriction, but it's also true that there are forces well outside of their control -- American buying and driving habits, international demand for oil, Middle East tensions (it's not like the region was going to be peaceful anytime soon) -- and that fingerpointing is just opportunism. Opportunism has it's place, and perhaps the runup to midterm elections is that place, but I'd like to see more policy and less politics....)

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