Friday, April 07, 2006

Savoring the Ironies

Roosting Chickens
Press secretary Scott McClellan tried to draw a distinction between leaks of information "in the public interest" and those that compromise national security.
Update: Pooh has the quote
The President believes the leaking of classified information is a very serious matter. And I think that's why it's important to draw a distinction here. Declassifying information and providing it to the public, when it is in the public interest, is one thing. But leaking classified information that could compromise our national security is something that is very serious. And there is a distinction.
If it was declassified information, why didn't the administration just say so and get Libby off the hook?
Told You So:
a short (representative) Honor Roll of people in a variety of fields whose prescience and patriotism led them to risk their positions and/or prestige in public life to warn their nation of impending catastrophe
It's a new revenue stream, silly:
A gossip writer for the New York Post has been suspended pending the outcome of a federal investigation into whether he tried to extort money from billionaire financier/possible newspaper investor Ron Burkle, the Post said Thursday.
That's about all the irony I can handle for now.

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