Wednesday, April 05, 2006


The 12th Carnival of Feminists is a serious comic-book fest (as well as including lots of other topics), and the commentary is not, for the most part, complimentary. For another hard-edged look at culture on- and off-line, the Radical Women of Color Carnival is gaining ground, and also includes quite a few poetic entries. It also includes this roundup of an ongoing discourse on feminist discourse and comment policies which is interesting reading for anyone involved in blogging and commenting, frankly.

Meanwhile, the host of the current Carnival of the Vanities decided to replace the "open admissions" format with an "Ivy League" selectivity, violating both the spirit and definition of the carnival; it's possible that this is a delayed "April Fool's" because the selected articles are, as one commenter noted, pretty limited in their appeal (and I say that though I like Jon Swift and GrrlScientist; I also note that the host mentioned, but failed to provide a link to or note the satirical nature of, the Jon Swift post)

I suspect, without any evidence whatsoever, that the host is trying to generate enough heat and links to make some progress on his recently announced goal of "cracking the top 100." Therefore, I will not link to it.

Schism! Avignon! Heresy!: someone else did the job right, though they didn't really have time to appreciate the satirical bits properly. Still, it turns out that folks submitted some interesting stuff. Many thanks to the True Believers.

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