Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Modest McLemee Proposal

Scott McLemee writes
Admittedly, a rational person could object to my plan. “Wouldn’t shooting cell-phone users in research libraries be counterproductive?” you might well ask. “Wouldn’t that actually make the library more noisy?”

A fair point. Yes, it would. But not for long....
He has some interesting bits about evolving manners, too, but don't miss the comments, where RWH admits
every one of my syllabi include the following statement, “Please understand that if your cell phone ever rings in class you will automatically get an F in this course.” You will not be surprised to learn that I have never had to give an F for that reason.
Not terribly surprised. One of my favorite teachers in college was vehement about watches that beeped and soda cans opening; either was fine, but not during (and especially not near the end of) lecture.

Funny, though. Similar warnings about things like plagiarism don't seem to do the trick.... maybe it's time to bring the big guns out. Literally!

Non Sequitur but funny: Apparently they did Queen songs on American Idol.

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