Monday, April 24, 2006

Politicians suck at Policy. We need Wonks

Dave Neiwert has compiled a pretty thorough indictment of bad policy and science on global warming and energy. For a good collection of policy issues, go back to Anne Zook's energy/garbage rant, her call for sane, focused leadership then read her short list of current issues.

HNN has a very thorough review of the latest bin Laden tape, in which he makes it very clear that [warning: partisan response ahead] our failure to apprehend or kill him has implications for nearly every other foreign policy problem we currently face [I warned you; oh, I'm not done]; it also makes it clear that -- as much of a failure as the administration has been in its self-declared "Wars On" -- there really is a war on. It's not a big war: any list of casi belli which includes cartoons, Salman Rushdie, headscarfs, and Arab TV, is more on a scale with the "War on Christmas" than the Cold War.

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