Monday, April 24, 2006

Bloggerly Obligations

I've been blogrolled by a bunch of new folks, whom I've neglected to thank properly.
  • Reader IAM, blogging here and here (with Callimachus, whose weekly etymology roundups ought to be more regular reading for me)
  • AnElementaryTeacher, who is just doing some lovely blogging, including a Roald Dahl anti-TV poem and faith and history
  • I have no idea what drew Gary McGath to blogroll me, since he's a hardcore libertarian and I'm a Four Freedoms Democrat, but he's got an interesting mind and lively blog.
  • Authentic Personality's beesucker, who is a fine model of what Buddhist blogging can be
  • Most recently, Terry, excellent host of the most recent Carnival of Feminists, added me to her lists. She does some very nice daily history stuff, as well as language and politics commentary, personal stuff... she's a blogger, and worth watching.
It's funny, the people you meet out here in blogland. Lively conversations!

Update: I nearly forgot ArticulateDad, who's become one of my more regular commenters (a rare breed indeed), and who has just posted the funniest annotated rejection letter and an even funnier Letter back to a search committee: "Following careful deliberation with my wife and family, consultations with numerous colleagues and advisors, I have been so far unable to find an institution worthy of my further consideration....."

And thick and fast they came at last.... I just discovered another inexplicable blogroll entry: Meyers' HistoryBlawg, which looks like a classroom discussion blog. Curiously, this blog and Chris Bray's forum are the only blogs listed under "history" which is kind of .... wrong. I would strongly urge Mr. Meyers and his students (whose discussions look fascinating and lively) to take a look at the New and Improved Cliopatria History Blogroll, in which I am "Other".... and deservedly so.


Gary McGath said...

"I have no idea what drew Gary McGath to blogroll me... but he's got an interesting mind and lively blog."

It was something you posted about Cory Maye that caught my interest. In any case, likewise. :)

reader_iam said...

Belatedly, thanks for the blogroll. I must say I was a touch surprised, but I do appreciate it, as I do your blog.

EHT said...

Awwww...thanks. Lovely blogging...that makes me want to do more.