Thursday, April 20, 2006

Doing My Share....

Coturnix's discussion of science blogging continues (check out the links at the end, and the comments).

In other news, the Carnival of Satire is up, and even the conservatives are funny this week! I preferred this to the limericks MadKane submittted, but it's always worth scrolling through her stuff. Sometimes, as Tom Paxton said, the truth is self-satirizing: ATF Agents Seize Ninja-costumed student on Ninja/Pirate Day doesn't take a lot of work, does it? The tension between environmentalism, liberalism, energy and weaponry is a legitimate problem, which we liberals really ought to think a bit harder about. Can a press release create a groundswell? Against Google?

There's more there, too, and, as you'll note, if you spot something satirical on the web, Mark Rayner is always happy to consider submissions (and he gives credit where it's due, which does not always happen, I've found). Happy 30th Edition to the Satirical Community!

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