Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Medicine and Other Snark

Grand Rounds is up, and though the host did a quick-and-dirty job, it's still one of my favorite regular carnivals. There's humor (dry slapstick... er... wet irony? Never mind. There's an interesting discussion of self-promotion in comments in the comments, too), journalism (the failings thereof, of course), current events (I have a friend who got mumps in Iowa! She's fine now), and human resources (you gotta read the note at the top, if nothing else. Johnny Paycheck Lives!)

Not in the Grand Rounds, but still medical: eat your vegetables? Sure, but in China, wash them first!

Political non sequitur: I'm not a big HuffPo fan, but Jane Smiley's Notes for Converts delivers a stern rebuke to those who only recently have rejoined the reality-based world and who are trying to repent of their Bush-sodden past.

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