Thursday, April 13, 2006

Carnivals to Make You Smile

The Carnival of Comedy is up, and bears a disturbing resemblance to a supermarket checkstand tabloid.... I haven't finished reading it, but I'm sure there's something funny there somewhere. . . This qualifies
The Easter Ninja’s modus operandi is similar to that of the outmoded bunny, he breaks into your house and leaves baskets of eggs and candy. The only difference is instead of leaving carrots for the bunny, children leave carefully constructed booby traps that the Easter Ninja must negotiate without setting off to get to their baskets. Everyone knows thwarting traps makes ninjas happy, so the Easter Ninja will reward clever children with baskets of eggs and Easter Ninja shaped chocolates.
That's really more satire than comedy, as such, but that's as good a segue as you get for the Carnival of Satire which includes poetry from Madeleine Begun Kane, and some sharp linguistic satire.

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