Sunday, April 09, 2006

Impeach Bush NOW!

For rushing ahead (also here and lots of other places) with ill-considered plans for illegal wars and atrocities (there is no international legal basis for using nuclear weapons ever), in spite of the fact that he himself is implicated [via] in treasonous violations of national security secrecy that directly impinging on those plans.
Intelligence sources would not identify the specifics of Plame's work. They did, however, tell RAW STORY that her outing resulted in "severe" damage to her team and significantly hampered the CIA's ability to monitor nuclear proliferation.

Plame's team, they added, would have come in contact with A.Q. Khan's network in the course of her work on Iran.

While Director of Central Intelligence Porter Goss has not submitted a formal damage assessment to Congressional oversight committees, the CIA's Directorate of Operations did conduct a serious and aggressive investigation, sources say.
One former counterintelligence official described the CIA's reasons for not seeking Congressional assistance on the matter as follows: "[The CIA Leadership] made a conscious decision not to do a formal inquiry because they knew it might become public," the source said. "They referred it [to the Justice Department] instead because they believed a criminal investigation was needed."

The source described the findings of the assessment as showing "significant damage to operational equities."
Several intelligence officials described the damage in terms of how long it would take for the agency to recover. According to their own assessment, the CIA would be impaired for up to "ten years" in its capacity to adequately monitor nuclear proliferation on the level of efficiency and accuracy it had prior to the White House leak of Plame Wilson's identity.
Additionally, George W. Bush has flouted constitutional balance and ignored legal responsibilities with signing statements and his subsequent treatment of laws so signed.

For these reasons and more, President Bush and Vice President Cheney should be impeached and removed from office, forthwith.

Update: Oh yeah, the wiretap thing. For the record, censure is worse than worthless, except as a temperature-taking measure.


Mom101 said...

I could not agree more. Now if only we could turn over the house, the senate, and the executive board of Diebold. Then we might get somewhere.

Ahistoricality said...

I suspect that Diebold crew is going to have to be indicted, not voted out (on the bright side, look what happened to Arthur Andersen when their credibility came into question; when corporations implode, they go quick).

I highly recommend my friend Anne Zook on the voting machine scandals and coverage.

If I thought the Democratic party had a plan to win, I might actually consider going back on my word and donating money, but I haven't seen any evidence yet.

Mumon K said...

Nice blog. Here's my impeachment post.