Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Professional Satires and Unprofessional Self-Parody

Adam Kotsko on the imago Dei which "encourages theologians to simply make shit up."

The Little Professor meets Law and Order.

PZ Myers isn't writing satire, as such, but sometimes it plays that way.

Please tell me this is a satire!
WalMart Associate: We don’t carry those colors because we found they were being used for Mardi Gras.
Me: That’s what I wanted it for. I’m making a chair for this great orginization.
WalMart Associate: Do you know what Mardi Gras is about?!
Me: Yes, it’s a last hurrah before Lent.
WalMart Associate: Mardi Gras is about sex and debauchery! Women get raped in New Orleans!
WalMart Associate: We feel that as a Christian Company it was inappropriate to carry things associated with morally corrupt themes.
Me: (Very loudly) Mardi Gras is a Christian party! It’s a last hurrah before Lent.
WalMart Manager: Ma’am, I’m going to have to ask you to leave until you can be calm.
WalMart is a "Christian Company"? Since when? Nope, it's not satire, but it seems to be a lone nut associate rather than corporate policy.

Speaking of lone nuts, how about the California Congressman who wants to replace immigrant labor with prison labor? Yeah, aren't we supposed to be against prison labor?

Finally, as Eric Muller says, insert joke here
A man arrested for exposing and masturbating himself in front of a 16 year-old girl used to be the guy in charge of...wait for it...Homeland Security's "Predator." That's the agency designed, yes, to bust child sex criminals.
There is nothing more to say....

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